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Animate: Week 5

Cross | Where God Is • Nadia Bolz-Weber
The cross sits at the center of our faith, and yet our understanding of what exactly happened on that cross remains conflicted and confusing. Was Jesus our proxy? The payment? The only way to appease an angry God? Nadia Bolz-Weber reminds us that our theories about the cross tell us as much about ourselves and our view of God as they do about Jesus and salvation.

Hey everyone – I wasn’t there for the Animate conversation about Nadia Bolz-Weber’s talk on atonement and the cross, so I’m going to share this video and then pose a few questions. I think this video doesn’t have as much to do with atonement theories or questions about the cross, but it does give you a better sense of where she’s coming from:

When you think back to the discussion you had on the atonement and cross last week – what sticks out to you as some new insights or understandings you took away from the conversation? What surprised you? Are there still things about the cross that you find hard to swallow? Hard to understand?

I don’t know if you got into different atonement theories, but if you did, which of those do you find yourself connecting with most?

Any other questions the discussion raised for you?


Session 2 Reflection

Why the cross?

I’m sure this will prove to be an interesting discussion, as the cross and all of the different atonement theories often prove to be fodder for some rather intense conversation…so, let’s see where all of this takes us. But first, let’s take a look at some images of the cross – some of these may be familiar, and some may be new. Take a look through these, and share  any thoughts you have on specific images. What do you think each artist is trying to say about the cross in a specific image?

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